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Homestuck Icons
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17th-May-2013 01:16 pm - 40 icons~

The rest is here~
29th-Jan-2013 02:45 pm - 8 Gamzee Makara icons
GamKar2 // Homestuck

hOnKCollapse )
24th-Jan-2013 06:03 pm - 14 Equius Zahhak icons
smile for the world // Homestuck

How...l00d.Collapse )
13th-Jan-2013 06:11 pm - 41 Dirk Strider icons
drive-by // Homestuck
Warning for spoilers (6368+).


Take it easy, bromide.Collapse )
10th-Jan-2013 02:19 pm - 29 Dave Strider icons
oof / Homestuck
Warning for spoilers.


supCollapse )
10th-Jan-2013 01:31 pm - 4 Calliope icons
oof / Homestuck
10th-Jan-2013 02:07 am - 33 Aradia Megido icons
smile for the world // Homestuck
I got tired of trying to find icons made from official art only, so I decided to make my own. I've already posted many of them on my Tumblr, and I post new ones as I get done with them.

I'll be posting them to LJ by character, pair or group, in alphabetical order...for the most part.

Warning for spoilers for up to at least 4700. I'm rereading and haven't saved any images to make anymore Aradia icons between 4250 and 7612.


So have some Aradia Megido to start off withCollapse )
23rd-Dec-2012 04:14 pm(no subject)
vris_16 john_2 honk_1

Just some random A05 blurbs I have. C:
Find 'em here
21st-Dec-2012 04:53 pm(no subject)
sobbb sorry for so much spamming, dirk rp icons again

click here!
10th-Dec-2012 04:26 am(no subject)

find them here
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